Zoning Permits

The following information is provided as a guide, but it is highly recommended that you call the Zoning Office at 440-338-5811 when in the planning stage of any construction project.

The following require a zoning permit:

Please note this list is not inclusive – if your project is not listed please call to verify what is required.

New Residences  

Accessory buildings, including tool sheds whether or not on a foundation  



Interior alterations that include any structural change  

In-ground swimming pools  

Above-ground swimming pools with a depth of 36 inches or more  

Wood decks  


All commercial buildings – new, addition, alteration  

Activities with a riparian setback (this means within a specified distance of a stream or river)  

In addition, a Water Management & Sediment Control Plan is required for most construction and land disturbance. You will apply for this through Geauga Soil & Water Conservation District, 440-834-1122.

Zoning Permit Applications – Call the Zoning office for an appointment. They are scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Zoning Information Sheets – Click below to download further information:

 Requirements for New Residence Permits

 Requirements for Permits for Additions, Accessory Buildings, Swimming Pools etc.

 Variance Procedures

 Zoning Fees – Click below to download the Zoning Fee Schedule:

 Zoning Fee Schedule

 Zoning Forms – Click below to download commonly-used forms:

 Application for a Zoning Certificate

 Notice of Appeal requesting a Variance

 Application for a Conditional Zoning Certificate