Zoning Commission

Chairman Ben Kotowski, Vice-Chairman Barry Rogers - This group consists of five Trustee appointed volunteers who serve five year terms and study land use, considering the natural environment and the desire of the Township residents as expressed through the "Comprehensive Land Use Guide Plan: 2035". The plan may be viewed or purchased at the Zoning Office. The Commission initiates or reviews new and proposed zoning regulations.

Land Use Guide Plan: 2035

Meetings - Meetings are open to the public, on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Town Hall, 14890 Chillicothe Road. Regular meeting dates and special meetings are posted at the Administration Building. A complete list of Zoning Commission meeting dates can be found on the event calendar.

Meeting Minutes - Zoning Commission

In accordance with the Ohio Revised Code, Russell Township keeps duly recorded minutes of meetings.  Copies of the minutes are here for your reference and information.  Please contact the Zoning Office if you are looking for minutes not listed online.

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2021                                               2021 Amendments

December                                                                               Amendment 2021-02 Billboards                       














May 22

April 24

March 27



April 25

February 28

January 24



2017                                               2017 Amendments


November 15 

September 27

August 30

July 26                                                                                   

May 24                                                                                    Amendment ZC2017-2

May 24 Workshop

April 26

March 15

February 22

January  18


2016                                                   2016 Amendments


December 14

November 21                                                                               Amendment 2016-1

October 26                                                                                  Amendment 2016-2

September 28                                                                              Amendment 2016-3

August 24                                                                                    Amendment 2016-4

July 27                                                                                        Amendment 2016-5

June 23                                                                                        Amendment 2016-6

May 25                                                                                        Amendment 2016-7

April 27                                                                                        Amendment 2016-8

April 18 Special 

April 13 Special

 March 16

 February 24

January 13