Road Department

The Road Department is responsible for the maintenance of township roads, which consist of all the roads except state highways (306 and 87) and county roads (Russell Road, Caves Road, Fairmount Road and Sperry Road).

The Department maintains approximately 55 miles of road. Some of the services which the Road Department provides are repair of roads with hot mix asphalt and cold patch, crack sealing, berming, roadside ditch cleaning and grading, snowplowing, sign maintenance, roadside mowing, cemetery internment, maintenanc

 e of cemetery drives, tree and brush trimming within road right-of-way, culvert maintenance and replacement, erosion control, and guardrail maintenance. 

Road Superintendent Gene Layne



Street Address:

15625 Chillicothe Road

Russell Township


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 522

Novelty, OH 44072


Private Sale to Public: The Russell Township Trustees have authorized Road Superintendent Gene Layne to sell approximately 15 tree logs (mostly maple) as they are not needed for public use. They will be sold at minimal cost. The logs vary in length from approximately 4' to 8'. The logs are located at the Road Department, 15625 Chillicothe Rd. Logs must be removed promptly & safely per terms established by Road Superintendent. Signature by an adult of a Hold Harmless Liability Release is required. Contact the Road Superintendent at 440-338-5309 for more. Date: 11/8/2021

Driveway culverts & pipes:  Any installation of pipe or other structure within the right-of-way requires a permit which may be obtained by contacting the Geauga County Engineer's Office at

The standard condition at the roadside is an open drainage ditch. Anyone wishing to eliminate the ditch by installing underground piping must obtain a permit from the Geauga County Engineer's Office at    

Drainage Ditch Obstructions:  It is against Township right-of-way regulations to place any obstructions within drainage ditches. Please do not install stones of any kind within the roadside ditch as it can impair the flow of storm water. The ditches are designed to carry water from the roads and yards, and if stones are installed within the ditch it slows the flow and causes backup of storm water. This can cause problems for discharge lines of storm water and basement sump pumps which flow into these ditches. If you have a question about your roadside ditch or wish to discuss any sort of modifications, including piping, please contact the Road Department, Gene Layne at 338-5309.  

How can I have the road side ditch cleaned out?

You should call the Russell Road Department at 338-5309, unless:

•You live on State Routes 87 or 306, then you should call the Ohio Department of Transportation at 440-834-4441.

•You live on Caves Rd, Fairmount Rd, Russell Rd, or Sperry Rd, then you should call the Geauga County Engineer's Office at 440-564-7131, x-6300.

•You live on a private road, then the responsibility is with the owner(s).