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POLICY ON USE: The Russell Town Hall shall be available for use by community based non-profit organizations or similar functions. Commercial or business use, or use for any sales or promotional purposes shall not be permitted. The Russell Township Trustees may require applicants for use of the Town Hall to show evidence of their non-profit status.
FEES: Any qualified organization or group may use the Russell Town Hall once per month without payment or fee. Use in excess of one (1) time in any calendar month shall require the payment of a $25.00 fee per additional use. The Trustees may waive the additional fee requirement for use by other government agencies for official functions.
SCHEDULE FOR USE: The application for reservation of the Town Hall must be made at least two (2) weeks before the scheduled date of use.  The Board of Trustees must approve the use. This request may be waived by the Trustees upon showing of good cause.
CARE OF PREMISES: Users of the Russell Town Hall are responsible for the proper care of the Town Hall premises. The Russell Town Hall is an historic building and there shall be no attachments of any posters or papers to any of the walls or woodwork by means of tape, pins or any other fastening device. If food is served at the Town Hall, it must be removed and the premises cleaned immediately after the event.  Please refer to the Reservation Request Form for further requirements.