Police Department

Established in 1964, the Russell Police Department's mission is to protect people and property; promote safety and prevention programs; maintain peace and order. It is our commitment to enforce laws firmly, yet with compassion while affording dignity and respect to every individual.

The Russell Police Department provides service 24 hours a day. Administrative services, including copies of reports or forms, are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Station Lobby Telephone: This telephone connects you directly to the Dispatch Radio Center at the Geauga County Sheriff's Department. 

Station Safe Room:  The Safe Room, which is connected to the lobby of the station, has been specifically designed to provide a locked area for anyone seeking refuge or fleeing from a threatening situation.  The door of the Safe Room is typically kept open. The door will automatically lock behind anyone that closes it and a phone is mounted on the wall for calls to dispatch. The walls are bullet resistant and the hinge on the door to the Safe Room will not break if anyone attempts to kick down the door. Once anyone closes the door to the Safe Room, they are able to safely wait for Officers.


Police Chief Timothy Carroll

14820 Chillicothe Road

Novelty, Ohio 44072


Police Station Office Phone Number:  440-338-6212

Non-Emergency Phone Number:  440-338-6212

Emergency Phone Number:  440-338-1212

Life Threatening Emergency Phone Number:  9-1-1


When calling 9-1-1, in addition to explaining your emergency, give your telephone number and address and stay on the line if possible.

IMPORTANT: Call 9-1-1 before you call your doctor, relatives or friends.